Which Part Of Tertiary Sector Is Growing In Importance?

What are the rising importance of tertiary sector?

Tertiary sector has become important in India because : (ii) Demand for services such as transport, trade, storage will increase with the development of primary and secondary sectors.

(iii) Demand for tourism, shopping, private schools, private hospitals, etc.

increases with the increase in the level of income..

The tertiary sector covers a wide range of activities from commerce to administration, transport, financial and real estate activities, business and personal services, education, health and social work.

Why is only a part of service sector growing in importance?

Answer: (i) Service sector in India employs many different kinds of people. At one end there are a limited number of services that employ highly skilled and educated workers, such as managers, lawyers, accountants, etc. … Only a part of this sector is growing in importance.

Why secondary sector is important?

The large scale manufacturing industries include steel, automobiles, aluminium, etc., The secondary sector forms a substantial part of GDP, it creates values (goods) and it is the engine of economic growth and is crucial for all developed economies, although the trend, in most developed countries, is the predomi- nant …

Which kind of workers are not growing economically in tertiary sector?

Farmers are not growing in tertiary sector because they are the only once who work very hard but didn’t get proper wages.

Which sector is growing fast in India?

SynopsisRankBrand NameIndustry1One 97 / PaytmFinancial Services2GoBOLTTransport & Support Services3Saankhya LabsAerospace, Defence & Security4RazorpayFinancial Services9 more rows•Feb 1, 2020

Which sector is the largest employer in world?

Walmart: 2.3 million employees The largest private sector employer in the world, Walmart has 2.3 million staff in the US and selected countries worldwide.

What is the difference between primary sector and secondary sector?

Primary: involves the retrieval and production of raw materials, such as corn, coal, wood and iron. … Secondary: involves the transformation of raw or intermediate materials into goods e.g. manufacturing steel into cars, or textiles into clothing. (A builder and a dressmaker would be workers in the secondary sector.)

Which part of service sector is not growing in importance explain?

1 Answer. (i) The unorganised sector of the service sector is not growing in importance. (ii) A large number of workers in the small- scale industries, casual workers in construction, trade and transport, vendors and load workers, etc.

Which sector is the largest employer in India?

agricultural sector PrimaryThe agricultural sector Primary is the largest employer in India. Nearly 51% of the population is engaged in this section in one way or the other. However its share in the national GDP is very less because of the following reasons.

Which sector is the second largest employer in India?

Notes: MSME sector is the second largest employer after agriculture in India. It provides employment to almost 111 million people.

Why tertiary sector is growing in recent years?

1 Answer. Tertiary sector is growing rapidly because: … (iii) As income level increases certain sections of people start demanding many more services like eating out, tourism, shopping, private hospital etc. (iv) Certain new services have emerged like information and communication technology which have become important.

Which part of tertiary sector is growing in importance and which part is less productive?

Services which employ highly skilled and educated workers have grown in importance. Growth in the healthcare sector, administrative services have boosted the growth in the tertiary sector. But the lower end of the tertiary sector which employs less skilled and lower educated personnel have been less productive.

Why has the tertiary sector not grown in importance?

The entire tertiary sector has not grown in importance because of the peculiarity of the skills and income it entails. … Though the highly skilled professionals make rapid growth in terms of development and income, those at the lower end are barely able to make a living.

What is tertiary sector class 10th?

Tertiary Sector: These are activities that help in the development of the primary and secondary sectors. These activities, by themselves, do not produce a good but they are an aid or a support for the production process. Four economic activities of this sector are— banking, transport, storage, communication, etc.