What Is The Meaning Of Non Statutory?

What is difference between autonomous and statutory body?


Answer: A statutory body deals with enforcing legislation for a country or state.

A autonomous body is a company that regulates it own company law….i hope it helps you Rate!.

How is a statutory body formed?

Statutory Bodies They are created by an Act of Parliament. They are called ‘statutory’ since statutes are laws made by the Parliament or the legislature. Since these bodies derive their power from statutes or laws made by the Parliament, they are known as statutory bodies.

Are employees of autonomous bodies government employees?

Delhi High Court has held that the employees of Autonomous Bodies, which are fully funded by the government, cannot be treated at par with the employees of the central government with regards to pension. … Therefore, their employees cannot be treated as the central government employees.

What are statutory and non statutory bodies?

Statutory body- any body that derives its power from a ‘Law’ or ‘Statute’ made by Parliament is called as statutory body or statutory authority. … Non statutory body- These are bodies which are formed by executive resolution or action, which means that they are formed by governments action only.

What is difference between statutory and constitutional body?

What is the difference between statutory and constitutional bodies? Statutory bodies are established by an act of parliament whereas constitutional bodies are mentioned in the constitution and derive their powers from it.

Is CAG statutory body?

CAG is an independent authority under the Constitution of India. … It is the institution through which the accountability of the government and other public authorities (all those who spend public funds) to Parliament and State Legislatures and through them to the people is ensured.

What is mean by statutory body?

Basically, a statutory body is an organization of government which is not demarcated in Constitution of India but it gets its powers, service rules, authority by an act of parliament or state legislatures.

What is a non statutory complaint?

(b) Non–Statutory complaints:- these can be made under the authority of the Army Order on the subject when the complainant considers himself wronged by any authority other than those mentioned in sub–para (a) above and is not covered under Army Act Section 26 and 27. Statutory complaints. 2.

What are the autonomous bodies?

Autonomous BodiesCentral Power Research Institute (CPRI) The Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) was established in Bangalore by the Government of India in 1960. … National Power Training Institute (NPTI)

What’s the difference between statutory and non statutory?

Statutory refers to something that is related toa formal law or a statute, and non-statutory isessentially another term for common law. If something isstatutory, it is based on laws or statutes. Ifsomething is non-statutory, it is based on customs,precedents or previous court decisions.

What are non statutory bodies in India?

List of Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies in IndiaElection Commission. Article 324. … Union Public Service Commission. Article-315 to 323. … State Public Service Commission. Article-315 to 323. … Finance Commission. Article-280. … National Commission for SCs. Article-338. … National Commission for STs. Article-338 A. … Comptroller and Auditor General of India. … Attorney General of India.More items…•