What Is The Difference Between Supercede And Supersede?

How do you use supersede in a sentence?

Supersede in a Sentence 🔉In time, the features of the smartphone may supersede those of the personal computer.

Kate hopes she can supersede her boss and take her position in the company.

Since the new attendance forms supersede the previous documents, please shred all of the old forms.More items….

What’s another word for supersede?

Some common synonyms of supersede are displace, replace, and supplant.

What is another word for better?

Some common synonyms of better are ameliorate, help, and improve. While all these words mean “to make more acceptable or to bring nearer a standard,” improve and better are general and interchangeable and apply to what can be made better whether it is good or bad.

What is supersede in law?

Supersede means to take the place of, as by reason of superior worth or right. A recently enacted statute that repeals an older law is said to supersede the prior legislation. A superseding cause is an act of a third person or some intervening force that prevents a tortfeasor from being held liable for harm to another.

Which is correct supercede or supersede?

Supercede is a misspelling of supersede. Since several English words do end with the letters –cede, the mistake is understandable. Both –cede and –sede have their roots in Latin verbs, and supercede has been a somewhat common mistake for several centuries. As you can see, supersede is several times more common.

What is supercede mean?

Supercede, commonly spelled supersede, is defined as to replace someone or something. An example of supercede is a new version of a book taking the place of an older version. verb.