What Is Difference Between Rights And Duties?

What is right and duties?

Generally, a duty is an obligation and a right is an entitlement.

They may exist as a moral or a legal matter.

For example, morally, a person may have a duty not to hurt another’s feelings.

There must be a law creating a right before that right can be enforced through the legal system..

What is the difference between getting one’s rights and doing one’s duty explain with an example for each?

Answer: Duties: something that one is expected or required to do by moral or legal obligation is called duty. Answer: Right is the freedom used for the protection of the citizens such as Right to free speech, right to religion. … Duty is legal to do and we cannot step back from it.

Can there be duties without rights?

Rights cannot exist without duties as they are two sides of the same coin. This is because rights without duties would make us lawless, while duties without rights would force us into slavery.

What are the importance of right and duties?

Life can become smoother if rights and duties go hand in hand and become complementary to each other. Rights are what we want others to do for us whereas the duties are those acts which we should perform for others. Thus, a right comes with an obligation to show respect for the rights of others.

What are our duties?

List of Fundamental DutiesAbide by the Constitution and respect national flag & National Anthem.Follow ideals of the freedom struggle.Protect sovereignty & integrity of India.Defend the country and render national services when called upon.Sprit of common brotherhood.Preserve composite culture.More items…