What Happens When A Torpedo Hits A Ship?

How powerful is a torpedo?

The torpedo is propelled by an advanced pump jet engine and can engage targets within the range of over 40km, at a maximum speed of 40kt..

Can an aircraft carrier survive a tsunami?

It depends where it is. Out in deep water, a tsunami is a small wave, maybe a few meters high. Just about any boat out on the ocean would survive it without a problem. … If the same aircraft carrier was moored in a port that got hit by a tsunami, it could well be wrecked, especially if hit side on by the wave.

How fast is a torpedo?

The torpedo — signature weapon of the submarine — isn’t very fast, either. The U.S. MK 48 torpedo achieves a top speed of about 55 knots, or 63 miles per hour.

Can a ship survive a torpedo hit?

There are instances where it’s possible a ship could have survived after multiple torpedo hits, but usually the ship was either finished off afterwards or scuttled.

What’s the difference between a missile and a torpedo?

In a purely terminological sense, there is no difference between a torpedo and a missile if they inhabit the same space – a missile is a guided, self-propelled weapon that travels through the air and a torpedo is a self-propelled weapon that travels through the water (in modern terms, inevitably guided as well).

Do torpedoes explode on impact?

Science of war-torpedo. Not all torpedoes are designed to home in on the target and explode on impact. Some are designed to explode several metres below the hull of a ship in order to cause maximum damage. … Modern day torpedoes do not operate by slamming into the hull of a ship and exploding.

Why do battleships not have torpedoes?

Generally speaking, the more modern battleships were built without torpedo tubes, since such an expensive weapons system has no business getting in so close, since that would put it at risk of torpedo attack as well. Further, torpedo installations came with risks.

How is a torpedo fired?

The slide valve allows water from the ejection pump to enter the tube. When the launch command is given and all interlocks are satisfied, the water ram operates, thrusting a large volume of water into the tube at high pressure, which ejects the torpedo from the tube with considerable force.

Are subs faster underwater?

As a result, while the submarine encounters higher hull flow resistance when completely submerged, the screw can operate a higher RPM more efficiently, resulting in a net increase in the maximum speed of the submarine. The deeper the submarine goes, the higher the RPM allowed, the faster it can go.

How deep can a submarine go?

800 feetHow Deep Can You Go in a Submarine? That’s classified. What the Navy can tell you is that their submarines can submerge deeper than 800 feet.

What damage can a torpedo cause?

Traveling at extremely high speeds, these projectiles can perforate the insides of the ship, causing extensive damage and further compromising watertight integrity. 2 – Following the creation of the bubble, the displaced water around it rapidly begins pushing back.

Can a torpedo sink a destroyer?

The answer is of course, that one torpedo can sink a ship regardless of her size. … Nevertheless, there have been cases when a torpedo caused disastrous damage but the ship remained afloat. On April 13, 1940, British and German destroyers met in a duel during the course of a naval battle near Narvik.

What happens if a torpedo misses?

Once a torpedo was out of fuel it was buoyant. Therefore any torpedo that missed its mark (which was a lot!) … In later models, they were built to automatically explode when the fuel was exhausted. US submarine commanders speak of hearing ‘end-or-run’ explosions which told them their torpedo had missed.

Can a torpedo sink an aircraft carrier?

The new class of speedy torpedoes can’t be guided, but can fire straight toward US Navy carriers that have little chance of detecting them. Torpedoes don’t directly collide with a ship, but rather use an explosion to create an air bubble under the ship to bend or break the keel, sinking the ship.

How deep can a torpedo go?

Mark 48 torpedoMaximum depth500 fathoms, 800 m (2,600 ft) (estimated), officially “greater than 1,200 ft”Maximum speed55 kn (63 mph; 102 km/h) (estimated) officially “greater than 28 kn (52 km/h; 32 mph)”Guidance systemCommon Broadband Advanced Sonar SystemLaunch platformsubmarine23 more rows

What is the most powerful torpedo?

The Mod 0 warhead contained 1,260 pounds (570 kg) of TPX explosive and was the most powerful conventional submarine torpedo warhead ever used by any Navy.

What is the meaning of torpedo?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a weapon for destroying ships by rupturing their hulls below the waterline: such as. a : a submarine mine. b : a thin cylindrical self-propelled underwater projectile.

How does a torpedo sink a ship?

The plume rising above the ship’s superstructure is caused by the collapse of a large gas bubble sucking sea water upward in a powerful jet. … This is the way modern torpedoes sink ships. Everything about the Cheonan’s sinking is consistent with either a torpedo or submerged mine blowing up beneath the ship’s keel.