What Are The Examples Of Non Statutory Record?

What does non statutory mean in education?

Although RE is not included in the National Curriculum it still remains a statutory subject and is something that must be assessed.

The non-statutory framework states that RE should make a significant contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development..

What are the statutory reports?

Statutory reporting is the mandatory submission of financial and non-financial information to a government agency. Each industry has its own set of laws and regulations (statues) that mandate reports.

What is the meaning of statutory?

1 : of or relating to statutes. 2 : enacted, created, or regulated by statute a statutory age limit.

What do you mean by statutory companies?

Statutory corporations are public enterprises brought into existence by a Special Act of the Parliament. The Act defines its powers and functions, rules and regulations governing its employees and its relationship with government departments. … It is a corporate person and has the capacity of acting in its own name.

What are statutory and non statutory services?

Uniformed statutory services can be: police, fire brigade, ambulance and army. … Non-statutory services support statutory services, some of them are voluntary and are not funded by the government, so they have to cover their expenses by donations from people.

What are the school statutory records?

Under the education law in Nigeria, the following are some of the statutory records to be kept in schools; Admission Register, Daily Attendance Register, Diary of Works, Log Book, Lesson Note or Plan, Time-Table, School Budget Record, Visitor’s Book, Corporal Punishment Book, Continuous Assessment Book, Time Book, …

What is the difference between statutory and non statutory audit?

While statutory audits are primarily concerned with financial activities, non-statutory audits are not limited to financial reporting. A non-statutory audit can be conducted for any function of an organization. … PKF Sejong provides independent audit assurance that is tailored to meet your auditing requirements.

What does non statutory mean?

Non-statutory is essentially another term for common law. Therefore such bodies are formed by executive resolution or action, which means that they are formed only by the Government’s action.

What are the statutory record?

Statutory books and records are documents kept by a company which detail important aspects of its operations and structure, for example, its current directors. … Companies usually keep these official documents in a company register, where they can be ordered in a logical fashion.

What is non statutory record?

Non-statutory records are school records kept for the purpose of administrative Page 28 28 convinces such records include stock book, cash and account books, school calendar, health book, inventory book and staff minutes book (Godwin, 2004).

What are non statutory Organisations?

A non-statutory service is a service that doesn’t receive a lot of government funding so they are paid by members or the public as they are registered as charities, they are set up by individuals and not parliament and unlike…show more content…

What is the difference between statutory and nonstatutory?

Statutory refers to something that is related toa formal law or a statute, and non-statutory isessentially another term for common law. If something isstatutory, it is based on laws or statutes. Ifsomething is non-statutory, it is based on customs,precedents or previous court decisions.

What’s the difference between statutory and voluntary?

The major difference is that the voluntary sector offers more opportunities to develop. In the statutory world, roles tend to be clearly defined. Here you have more freedom to do other things. … But there are more opportunities in the voluntary sector to pilot new services and respond to need quickly.

Is social services a statutory Organisation?

Case study 1 – Social Services a statutory service. Social Services look after vulnerable people. … Social Services supports all kinds of people with a variety of care needs. They supply information and advice to enable people to maintain their independence, in their own home or in their local community.

Which of the following is a non statutory body?

Constitutional Bodies are Election Commission of India, UPSC, and Finance Commission of India, etc. These bodies are mentioned in the Constitution of India to run the country….Hemant Singh.Name of the Non- Constitutional BodyCurrent Chairman1. NITI AayogNarendra Modi2. National Development CouncilNarendra Modi7 more rows•Jun 19, 2020