Quick Answer: Where Should You Put P Plates On A Car?

What is the P sign on a car?

P Plates indicate that the driver of the vehicle is a probationary driver (indicating you are a fairly new qualified driver)..

What is the difference between L and P plates?

Unlike L plates, it is not a legal requirement for drivers to display green ‘probationary’ P plates. P plates can voluntarily be displayed to show that you have just passed your driving test. You can display P plates on your vehicle for as long as you like. Insight is sold with both L and P stickers included.

Where do I put the plates on my car?

L plates must be placed on the front and rear of a car. Avoid fixing them to the windscreen or back window, as they can restrict your view.

Where do you put magnetic P plates?

RMS regulations state: “For Red P signs on cars, Clause 21 of the regulation states P plates must be clearly visible and not obscured when viewed from ahead of or behind the vehicle. Signs must be on the exterior of the vehicle in a visible position at the front and the rear of the vehicle.”

Are you allowed on the motorway with P plates?

Can you use P plates on the motorway? Yes, you can use P plates on all types of roads, including the motorway. They will mean other drivers give you more room and time to make decisions, which can be valuable on your first few times driving in unfamiliar territory.

When displaying L or P plates how much of the letter must be clearly visible?

Always ensure that you display L plates (black on a yellow background) and P plates (red or green P on a white background), in such a manner as to be clearly visible on the front and rear of the vehicle, and on the outside. The letter P on the plate must be clearly displayed and not obscured in any way whatsoever.

Can R drivers go on motorway?

As long as you have passed your test, you are allowed on a motorway. There are no laws against it. However, driving on the motorway can be a daunting task, especially if you have only just passed your test.

What does a blue P mean on a car?

white p on red background = first 6 months. white p on green = next 18 months. blue p = you are colourblind, it’s green.

Are P plates mandatory UK?

UK P plate law In certain countries, P plates are compulsory, however in England, Scotland and Wales, there is no law or legal requirement stating the compulsory use of P-plates. It is entirely the drivers decision whether they wish to use them or not.

How long should you keep P plates on your car?

It is recommended that you use them until you feel fully comfortable, which could be days, weeks, or months! Keep your P plates for as long as you think is necessary. Alternatively you might just want to bring them out for harder drives, like if you’re using the motorway for the first time.

How do you display P plates?

The plates must be displayed on the front and back of the exterior of the vehicle and not be obscured, i.e. none of the letter must be hidden.

How long can you have P plates on your car UK?

You can display green ‘probationary’ P plates to show that you’ve just passed your driving test. You do not have to display them. You can leave them on your vehicle for as long as you like.

What does the P plate stand for?

probationaryAfter learners have passed a driving test for the appropriate vehicle, they may opt to display green P-plates (P for probationary) (in England, Scotland or Wales) to show that they have less experience than other drivers. These plates are voluntary and not required by law or the Highway Code.

What does P mean on road test?

road positioningTHE WAY THE TEST WORKS You are assessed against five key performance areas: speed management (S); road positioning (P); decision making (D); responding to hazards (H) and vehicle control (C). 1.

Are P plates a good idea?

I think they are a good idea. Not every driver on the road is a moron, and it does indicate that a new driver is at the wheel. … If P plates alert other drivers that you do not have the experience and confidence they have developed over many years, then they are worthwhile.

Can learner drivers go on a motorway?

You’ll soon see more L-plates on those M-roads. Since June 2018, learner drivers have been allowed to drive on the motorway. Learners need to be accompanied by an approved driving instructor, and drive a car that’s fitted with dual controls. …

Can newly qualified drivers carry passengers UK?

Part of this includes a six-month passenger restriction for new drivers under the age of 24, which prevents them from carrying more than one passenger, aged between 14 and 20, between 11pm and 6am. However there will be exceptions for family members or in emergencies.

What does the Green P mean on a car?

A green P plate on a vehicle means that the person driving has only recently passed their test. Extra consideration should be given to cars displaying a P plate.