Quick Answer: What Kind Of Person Is Evan?

What made Evan have his last laugh?

The Governor tells him that he got the hint about the hotel and its location from the information given in the question paper in code words.

Evans admires the intelligence of the Governor.

In this way, Evans had the last laugh at the governor..

When Evans says I may surprise everybody?

Evans was dead keen to obtain an academic qualification in O-Level German Test. His German teacher taunted him as he has “a cat in a hell’s chance” to pass the exam. He responds by “I may surprise everybody”, indicating his fourth prison break, which was misunderstood by the German teacher.

What kind of person was the governor?

The Governor of the HM Prison, Oxford, appears to be a kind-hearted and generous human being. He arranges for an O-level exam for a prisoner, who is renowned for his ability to escape. He was, though, quite skeptical of Evans and took every necessary precaution to make sure that Evans had no means to escape.

Who helped Evans to escape?

McLeery plays the most significant role in Evans’ escape. He impersonates Reverend McLeery and reaches the prison. He has great acting skills and is so confident and intelligent that the jail authorities do not suspect him. It is his smartness to wear two beards, two collars and two gowns which helps Evans to escape.

What reason did McLeery give for bringing the rubber ring with him?

Answer. McLeery tells Jackson that he is suffering from haemorrhoids (piles) and the ring helps him when he has to sit for a long time. In reality, the ring contained pig blood, which Evans would splatter on his head and escape from the hospital as McLeery who had been injured.

What role is played by Evans clever friends in his escape?

He was handcuffed and made to sit in a prison van. But the prison officer and the driver were Evans’ friends who helped him with his final escape. Thus, the able help of his friends at every step helped Evans’ make his escape a successful.

Why did Evans ask for a blanket?

Evans asked for a blanket to wrap around his shoulders, which Stephens believed was there because Evans was feeling cold. But in actuality, Evans used the blanket to change into the Parson’s dress to look like McLeery. That’s how he tricked the officer and managed to flee from the prison.

How did Evans manage to convince Jackson to allow him to wear his dirty bobble hat?

He convinced Jackson to allow him to wear his hat by telling him that it was his lucky charm and brought the only thing which ever brought him luck.

Why did Evans not take off his hat?

Evans did not take off his hat when Jackson asked. However , the real reason was that he wanted to cut his hair and hide it while making his escape . It was bad luck when Jackson pinched his scissors because it had meant a long and tricky operation with the only razor blade he possessed .

Why has Evans cell been bugged?

Evan’s cell had been bugged because, Evan had tried to escape from prison several times and the governor was sure he was going to try to do it once again. By listening in on Evan’s conversation, he could hear anything that Evan did or said, meaning that it would be impossible for Evan to escape.

Why was Evans called Evans the break?

2:- The prison officers call Evans, “Evans the Break” because he is a habitual jail breaker and before coming to oxford prison he has broken jail thrice. However, the expression also serves the dramatic purpose of giving a hint to the reader about the shape of things to come.

Who was McLeery?

who was mcleery ? was he the same person who came to the prison as an invisilator? McLeery ‘s full name was Reverend S McLeery . he was a priest from st. Mary Mags .

How did McLeery misguide the police official?

He pretended to guide the authorities to help them track Evans. The ‘injured’ McLeery who was actually Evans, claimed to have seen Evans driving off Elsfield way. When they reached the Examination Board, he grogged and the police called for an ambulance and left him there. In this way the actual Evans escaped.

How did the invigilator help Evans?

It was his last act of foolishness to believe the others, that helped Evans in running away once more. It proves that he was really a gullible Governor who can be easily deceived instead of his tight security arrangements. While we condemn the crime, we are sympathetic to the criminal.

How did Evan escape from the jail?

Evans escapes from the Oxford jail in disguise of McLeery whom Evans has made injured. He misled the officers of the prison by miss guiding them catching him. He pretended to be grogged and while the ambulance was called the cleverly flew from the car.

What do you think about the ending of the story on the face of it?

Answer. The ending of the story, ‘On the face of It’ is very sad as Mr Lamb is probably dead. In my opinion, such a beautiful story should not have such a tragic ending. In the end, Derry should have saved Mr Lamb from falling by holding the ladder at the last moment.