Quick Answer: What Is Bawbag?

What’s a Bawbag slang?

Bawbag, n.

The scrotum.


An ignorant, obnoxious, or otherwise debatable person.

Often as a disparaging form of address..

Why do Scots say pish?

Pish. Translation: Urine. However, in Glasgow and other parts of Scotland, it’s a common word for something that evokes a negative vibe. For instance, if the score at the football isnae going your way, ‘it’s a load of pish’.

What does Baw mean in Scottish?

The English translation of “baw” is. 1. ball 2. bollock.

Is jotter a Scottish word?

jotter, n., Additions: “Scottish colloquial. to get one’s jotters (and variants): to be dismissed from a job or position; to get the sack.”

What does Jings mean in Scottish?

exclamation of surpriseInterjection. jings. (Scotland) An exclamation of surprise.

What is black affronted?

The Doric Phrase Black Affrontit means to be embarrassed. Some parts of Scotland will spell it as affronted. Blaick is also often used in Doric.

Is Currie a Scottish name?

In some cases it originated as a habitational name, derived from Currie in Midlothian, Scotland. In other cases it originated as a habitational name, derived from Corrie, in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. … Early forms of the surname, derived from a Scottish place name, is de Curry, in 1179; and de Curri, in 1210.

Where does black affronted come from?

BLACK-AFFRONTED: Ashamed, a Scots term still in use today and probably derived from the act of covering your heraldic shield (affronty is a heraldic term) in order not to be recognised. Scots knights did this as they fled from Methven, in order not to be subsequently accused of being supporters of Bruce.

What does Pesh mean in Scottish?

Type: noun; (South Scots) a rector or headmaster, particularly the Rector of Hawick High School.

How did Glasgow get its name?

The name Glasgow is thought to derive from the Brythonic Celtic “Cleschi” meaning “Dear Green Place”. The city is located on the broad valley floor of the River Clyde. There are hills to the north, north-west and south which provide a backdrop and interesting views. The River Clyde bisects the city from east to west.

What does Crivens mean in Scottish?

crivens in British English (ˈkrɪvəns) exclamation. Scottish dialect. an exclamation of surprise, now more commonly used for comedic effect. As Doug slid regally past, Scottish fans watching by the roadside were presumably gasping: ‘Jings!

Is Bawbag in the dictionary?

The word ‘Bawbag’ has been officially added to the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Editors at the prestigious tome have included the slang term for the scrotum along with more than 40 other Scottish words. The entry for bawbag describes it as a Scottish variant of the noun ball bag – meaning scrotum.

Why do Glaswegians say but?

One of the reasons why Glaswegians use the ‘sentence-final’ but, as it is known linguistically, is to reinforce the sentence and what has been said. Rather than trail off at the end of a sentence, ‘but’ brings the sentence to a close as an intensifier, much the same way words like ‘really’ do before an adjective.

What does Ginger mean in Scottish?

A fizzy soft drink (of any flavour) (Edb., Gsw., Ayr., Dmf. 2000s). Gsw.

What does Jing mean in Korean?

ching. The jing is a large gong used in traditional Korean music, particularly in samul nori, pungmul, and daechwita to keep beat. It is usually made from high-quality brass and is struck by a stick that is layered with cloth at one end to soften the texture of the sound produced.