Quick Answer: How Can You Say Palampur Is A Modern Village?

How many families live in Palampur?

450 families450 families live in Palampur.

80 are upper caste families and own maximum land.

150 families do not own land and 300 own land..

Is Palampur a developed village explain by presenting five arguments?

Answer: yes, Palampur is a well developed village… 1)Palampur is well-connected with electricity. 2)In Palampur, multiple cropping and mixed farming also done by the farmers.

What are the main features of village Palampur?

Some of its prominent features are:Farming is the main activity here. … The irrigation system is well developed. … 3.It has a well developed transportation system also. … Palampur has basic educational provisions for the children.It has 2 primary schools and one high school.More items…•

What makes Palampur a typical village of India?

The village has a primary health centre, school, irrigation facilities and electricity supply. The percentage of such villages is minuscule in India. … Electricity supply can be quite erratic in many villages. In a typical village; like Palampur; people of different castes and communities live.

Why do you think Palampur can be called a modern village?

Yes, Palampur is a developed village because of the following reasons. ⚫ Most of the houses have electric connections. Electricity powers the tube wells and also used for the small businesses done by the people in the village. ⚫ The villagers have adopted the well developed system of irrigation.

How can you say that Palampur?

The description above shows that Palampur has fairly well-developed system of road, transport, electricity, irrigation, schools and health centres. So, we can say that Palampur is a well-developed village.

Which is the nearest village of Palampur?

raiganjraiganj is the village nearest to village palampur .

Is Palampur a developed village justify your answer?

Yes, Palampur is a developed village as it has proper metalized roads, there is a primary health care centres, there are schools. It is also well connected with the nearby towns and villages. Most of the houses have electricity. And the fields also have electricity to use tube wells.

How can you say that Palampur has electricity?

Electricity came early in Palampur. They use modern machinery like tractors, harvesters, etc, for farming. Use of HYV seeds and chemical fertilizers is also noticed in Palampur. (iii) Markets and Education : There are small markets setup in Palampur which have all the daily need commodities available.

Which is the largest village near to Palampur?

Palampur Tehsil – Kangra#VillagesPopulation1Agoja Khas9712Aima2,7753Ambotu2314Andreta1,125117 more rows

Is Palampur a real village?

The village named Palampur is actually a hypothetical village that look similar to some villages of Uttar Pradesh of India.

What kind of shops are set in Palampur?

1 Answer. There are small general stores selling items like rice, wheat, sugar, tea, oil, biscuits, soaps, toothpaste, batteries, candles, notebooks, pens, pencils and even some clothes.

What factors make Palampur a developed village?

Following points show that Palampur is a developed village:It is well connected to its neighboring villages and towns.It has electricity powered tube wells which is used by small businesses.It has two primary schools and a high school.It has many means of transportation-bullock carts,tongas,motor-vehicles etc.More items…•

What kind of village is Palampur?

Palampur is a hypothetical village based on a village in Bulandshahar district in western Uttar Pradesh. Palampur is well connected with neighbouring villages and towns. Raiganj, a big village is 3 kilometres from Palampur. This village has about 450 families belonging to several different castes.

What connects Palampur Neighbouring village and town?

An all weather road connects Palampur to neighbouring villages and towns such as Raiganj (village) and Shahpur (town).