Question: Will Convey Meaning?

What’s another word for convey?

In this page you can discover 91 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for convey, like: send, dispatch, express, vocalize, disclose, verbalize, communicate, declare, state, give tongue (or vent) (or voice) to and articulate..

Are portray and convey synonyms?

Convey Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for convey?communicateimpartportrayenumeratebearindicateretaildirectgive an accountparticularizeUS97 more rows

What is the full meaning of convey?

b : to impart or communicate by statement, suggestion, gesture, or appearance struggling to convey his feelings. c : to transfer or deliver (something, such as property) to another especially by a sealed writing. d : to cause to pass from one place or person to another convey a message.

What message are you trying to convey?

You can also convey a message or information, which means that you communicate it to someone directly or indirectly through your words or actions. In law, the word convey means to transfer or pass property to someone.

What exude means?

1 : to ooze out. 2 : to undergo diffusion. transitive verb. 1 : to cause to ooze or spread out in all directions. 2 : to display conspicuously or abundantly exudes charm.

What is a antonym for convey?

convey. Antonyms: bring, adduce, fetch, drop, house, stow, deposit. Synonyms: take, carry, transfer, relegate, bear, transmit, consign, transport, remove.

How do you convey a message to someone?

Effective communication involves two methods of transmitting information:Writing, which includes handwritten notes, typed memos, letters, and E-mail.Verbal communication, which utilizes the power of the “spoken word,” including sending the message (speaking the words) and receiving the message.

What is an example of convey?

The definition of convey is to transport or communicate something. An example of convey is to send a package across the country. An example of convey is to present a speech that addresses the importance of health care reform. To communicate; to make known; to portray.

How do you use the word convey?

Convey sentence examplesI’ll convey your message. … He didn’t convey his conclusions to us. … It took me thirty minutes to convey everything that was happening. … It was a point she would have to tactfully convey to Roxanne. … She sent your gifts and said to convey her news of a child.More items…

What is convey in a story?

The word “convey” means to transport or carry something from one place to another. … In literature, however, the word “convey” is used in a slightly different way when compared to the examples above. It is not about moving or transporting a solid object, but rather about creating a specific idea in the reader’s mind.

How do you convey a message?

Communicate Your Message: Grab Attention, Convey the MessageGrab Their Attention. The marketing plan for your small business should grab the attention of your potential customers. … Tell Them What They Get. … Convey Your Message Effectively. … How to Communicate Your Message. … Convince Them That You Are the Best. … Go for the Kill. … Put it in Writing.

How do pictures convey meaning?

The Power of Visuals The point is with a picture, you can convey so much more information than you can with words. In fact, it can take a thousand words just to describe what is in one picture. And, pictures have the ability to convey abstract and complex concepts such as facial expressions.