Question: Can Lydia Die On Skyrim?

Can you bring Lydia back to life in Skyrim?

Open the console and click on her body.

A code will appear.

Simply type “resurrect” into the console, press enter, and close the console.

She will be resurrected..

Can followers die in Skyrim?

Followers can die, you can even kill them yourselves. … They have a “second chance” of sorts – when they are about to die they fall to the ground and recover, just like important NPCs. The mobs will switch their attention to you. If the mobs go back to the follower after that, he will die tho.

Can Lydia become a vampire?

User Info: 2Deux2. Aela is the one spouse you can’t turn into a vampire- in the game she is a werewolf and characters can’t be both vampire and werewolf. It’s important in the game she remains a werewolf as she is the only person who can turn you back into a werewolf if you cure yourself.

Should I kill old orc Skyrim?

Killing him does not constitute a crime. If you refuse, attempt to talk him out of his death wish, or disengage from the conversation, he will suggest that you leave him so he can wait for his wish, or otherwise do nothing. He can, for some, present a moderately challenging battle.

Can Mjoll become a vampire?

yes she can become a vamp she even has dialog for when the sun is blocked.

Can I turn someone into a vampire Skyrim?

In order to turn a spouse into a vampire, first use Vampire’s Seduction to calm them, then feed on them. After becoming a vampire, the spouse will comment on it: “I never knew the darkness held such colors, or the night air smelled so sweet. You have given me a great gift.”

What happens if Lydia is killed in Skyrim?

You’ll have to cheat to get her back, but it’s possible. First, its handy if you teleport her corpse to you, and then you can resurrect her. And then she will be standing alive in front of you.

Can enemies kill Lydia?

Yes, but it’s unlikely. As soon as they reach critical health, they deaggro from every enemy. So the only way for them to die is if you kill them or if something that was meant for someone else hits them. Or a really slow arrow or spell.

Can humans and khajiit breed?

The Argonian/Khajiit races cannot breed with humans.

Which followers in Skyrim can’t die?

Some followers are marked essential, specifically: Mjoll the Lioness, Derkeethus, Serana, Cicero, Farkas, and Dark Brotherhood Initiates. They cannot be killed by any means – should their health be depleted, they will fall to the ground, but get up after a minute or so.

What happens if you turn your wife into a vampire in Skyrim?

Turning your spouse into a vampire while they sleep will make it impossible to complete “The Gift” quest. Your spouse will turn aggressive on you and you will be required to kill them and then marry another in order to complete the quest.