How Much Does It Cost To Buy A New Semi Truck?

How much does it cost to buy a used semi truck?

Used or refurbished semi trucks begin at around $15,000 and run up to about $100,000 or more.

As with any used piece of construction equipment the price varies based on the age, condition, size, mileage, and features of the truck.

A used medium duty semi truck usually sells for $20,000 to $40,000..

How much does it cost to buy your own truck?

Buying a truck can cost you anywhere between $15,000 to $175,000. Expect a down payment somewhere between $1,000 to $10,000—depending on the vehicle you choose.

Is it a good idea to buy a semi truck?

Advantages of a New Semi Truck: The biggest advantage to purchasing a new truck is the increased reliability that you will receive. While no vehicle is immune from engine problems and other issues, a new truck is less likely to breakdown or fail to start when you need it most.

How much does a new semi truck cost?

New Semi-Truck Average Costs New trucks begin at around $80,000 and run up to $150,000 or more. If you opt for a large number of custom features, the price tag could reach $200,000. On the low end of that price range you can purchase a day cab with a single axle and lower capacity.