Are Taurus Revolvers Good Quality?

Is Taurus better than Smith and Wesson?


In automatics, Smith and Wesson is definitely higher quality.

I don’t hesitate to recommend any of the M&P line to anyone.

There are some good Taurus automatics (the G2C and the old PT92 with the fixed sights that are part of the frame) but quality control on many autos is hit and miss..

Is Taurus guns made by Smith and Wesson?

Based in Porto Alegre, Brasil, Taurus Armas is a diversified, international company and one of the largest small arms manufacturers in the world. The company produced its first revolver in 1941. In 1970, Bangor Punta, which owned Smith & Wesson, purchased a controlling interest in Forjas Taurus.

Are Taurus good kissers?

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What is the best caliber for a revolver?

My top picks for caliber for most people who are considering a concealed carry include:. 357 Magnum – In a revolver, this is a top pick. … . 38 Special – The . … 9mm Parabellum – A longtime favorite among those who routinely carry concealed, the 9mm is seeing renewed interest. … .

Should I buy a Taurus g3?

The Taurus G3 is just a surprising pistol and it’s very difficult to impossible to see how the sub-$300 price is justified. Yes, there are nicer features on more expensive pistols, but the G3 gets most of the basics right and, with practice to learn that trigger action well, it seems every bit as good on that score.

Is a Taurus 38 special a good gun?

First, they are dependable and as a rule are easier to shoot than small semi automatic pistols. The Taurus 85 Revolver used in the test felt comfortable in the hand and the trigger is decent, even the double action. … A self-defense gun should be able to get into action immediately without worrying about side issues.

Is Smith and Wesson better than Ruger?

Smith & Wesson has also been the better investment, offering returns of nearly 1,000% over the past decade compared to just 250% for a similar investment in Ruger. … Smith & Wesson has higher name recognition than any other brand of gun, and one of every two revolvers owned today is a Smith & Wesson.

Are Taurus revolvers bad?

They are decent, serviceable firearms. The few revolvers from Taurus that I have seen had issues (lemons) from the factory and they got fixed up fine. Their autos are not something I would even mess with, just too many issues.

Is Taurus good gun?

Conclusion. The Taurus G2C is a very affordable CCW pistol with a high 12+1 capacity and great reliability (so far) but still suffers from a long and gritty trigger, external safety, and possibly the brand for some. Plenty of guys will say you should just save more money and buy a better brand firearm.

What is the best Taurus pistol?

The Top 6 Best-Selling Taurus HandgunsG2C. Formerly called the PT111 G2C, the Taurus G2C is available in 9mm and . … TX22. The Taurus TX22 is a . … TH40. The Taurus TH40 is chambered in . … Spectrum. The most affordable Taurus handgun, the Taurus Spectrum is chambered in . … Judge. The Taurus Judge is a . … 1911.

How much is a Taurus pt111 worth?

CURRENT MARKET PRICEPriceItemCondition$199.99TAURUS PT111 MIL PRO G2PISTL 9MM 3 2 12 ROUNDS POLYMER Lawrenceville , GANew$257.99TAURUS PT 111 MILLENIUM G2 PT111 9MM 1 111031G2 12 725327610601 Scammon, KSNew$197.99TAURUS PT 111 MILLENIUM G2 PT111 9MM 1 111031G2 12 725327610601 alva, FLNew86 more rows

What Taurus guns are recalled?

As part of the $239 million settlement, Taurus agreed to a voluntary recall of 1 million pistols….Taurus pistols included in the settlement include the following models:PT-111 Millennium.PT-132 Millennium.PT-138 Millennium.PT-140 Millennium.PT-145 Millennium.PT-745 Millennium.PT-609; PT-640.PT-24/7.

Is Taurus 856 P rated?

Providing six shots of . 38 Spl., the Taurus 856 revolver is built on an all-steel frame paired with an all-steel cylinder and barrel. … The steel cylinder on the gun can be used with everything from easy-shooting target loads to heavier self-defense rounds without issue, but the gun is not rated for +P ammunition.

What should I look for when buying a revolver?

Here are some things to check for when you buy used revolvers.Examine the forcing cone at the barrel’s rear. … Check for cylinder rattle when the hammer is pulled all the way back. … The cylinder gap should not exceed . … On a swing-out double action revolver, check the crane to make sure it fits tightly to the frame.More items…

What is the most accurate revolver?

What are the 10 Best Revolvers of All Time?Colt Single Action Army (SAA) … Smith & Wesson Model 19. … Colt Python. … Ruger Blackhawk. … Smith & Wesson Model 29. … Ruger Super Redhawk. … Freedom Arms Model 83. … Colt Detective Special.More items…

Did Taurus buy Beretta?

Taurus doesn’t own Beretta. Taurus bought the facilities owned by Beretta, located in Brasil, lock stock and barrel as you say, for the manufacture of their own products.

Is Diamondback owned by Taurus?

Taurus announced yesterday that it had acquired Diamondback Firearms, a Cocoa, Florida, company most notable for its concealed carry pistols. While Diamondback will remain a brand in and of itself, Taurus will assume all sales and marketing efforts for Diamondback products.

Is Taurus Firearms going out of business?

The largest gun manufacturer in Miami-Dade just announced it’s shuttering its plant. Taurus, one of the largest gun manufacturers in the world, announced this week it would be shuttering its longtime Miami Lakes plant, saying 175 workers would be displaced. … Taurus is owned by Brazil-based Forjas Taurus SA.